Monday, July 16, 2018

Bear Lake 2018

For our family vacation this year, we went to the KOA at Bear Lake and rented 4 of these cute little cabins that were right next to each other.  I made the arrangements, and told them how many people we had.  I THOUGHT we were getting cabins with a large bed and 2 sets of bunk beds.  It turned out there was only a large bed and 1 set of bunk beds, and every cabin was booked, so we couldn't switch.  The kids were great and we just pretended we were pioneers and  made the best of it.

Some of the kids and dads slept outside under the stars.

Krista's family was on vacation in California, so they didn't come until the 2nd day.  The rest of us headed off to explore the KOA and see what fun activities we could do.

They had an awesome jump pad! 

Some great slides

and a fun sand volley ball area.

The first night we cooked foil dinners and roasted marshmallows.

 Friday morning, Jordan and Josh went out for a bike ride and decided we should go to the south end of the lake to a nice beach they found on their ride.

Some of the kids rented a jet ski and spent the day giving rides on it.

Everyone brought things to float on.

Krista's family met us at the beach shortly after we arrived.

 Josh's family bought a kayak and brought it along 

We brought our own shade, which was good because there wasn't much there.

The little boys LOVED playing in the sand.

Back at the KOA they had some fun craft projects.  Some of them made these cool fish 

and others made flower crowns.

We enjoyed the train ride

and had fun playing miniature golf

and playing in the game room.

The next day it was back at the beach for more fun in the water and sand.

Logan helped us cook hotdogs for lunch.  They were yummy!

After the beach there was a bubble activity that the kids really enjoyed.

They also had a game where you had to try to get as many little plastic animals as you could with just one foot in just one minute.

That night we went out to dinner and ended the evening with delicious raspberry shakes.  On Saturday and Sunday mornings, the KOA makes a pancake breakfast.  It was great not to have to worry about making breakfast on those mornings.

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head home.  Our friends, Scott and Sharon Heiner live right in Garden City, so Mike and I went to their ward on our way home.  It was fun to see them.  
We are just so blessed that these kids are such great friends!  We all have so much fun together!

The Bigs

The Middles

The Littles

and the Boys!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Birks Family Reunion 2018

About a year ago, we started planning a reunion to celebrate Dad's 90th birthday.  Robynn suggested switching birthday's with dad, so we could celebrate it over the 4th of July, so more of the family could come than in September when his birthday actually was. Sadly, dad wasn't able to make it in person, but we're pretty sure he and mom were watching from Heaven. We had everyone here but Tanner, Carissa's husband, who was in Seattle doing a summer internship,that he couldn't miss. Skyler designed these awesome T-shirts that we had made for everyone.  (we put this on the back of the Old Navy 4th of July shirts)

We put them in bags and took them around to everyone's homes, and the homes where the out of towners were staying with a welcome packet that had all the information they would need.

 Monday morning we met at the cemetery.  We brought a 4th of July wreath and balloons.  

Next, we were off to our service projects.  We had a nursery at Lani's church so that we wouldn't have to worry about the little kids.  

A bunch of us went to Jeff and Jen's new house, (the house we grew up in) and helped them get it ready to move in to.  

Josh installed a couple of ceiling fans and Matt helped get the cabinets put back in and put the counter tops back on. (Jeff had new floors installed so everything had been removed)

We had a crew go to Boyd and DeAnne's house and they cleaned windows, 

 and planted flowers.

Boyd and DeAnne sure enjoyed having them come!

We met a Wheeler Farm for lunch and were so blessed to find the beautiful pavilion empty!  We quickly filled it up and had yummy hogie sandwiches, chips, fruit and cookies.

Stacy was so sweet and brought her bracelet supplies and let us all make beautiful bracelets.

The kids had a great time playing.

I remember taking my kids here and having them play in this same play house.

We stayed at Wheeler farm for a while, then headed to Heber for pizza at an amazing park that AGAIN had an empty pavilion.  After dinner we were off to the Heber Creeper!

This was SOOOOOO much fun!  Conner, our conductor, was adorable and made the ride, a ride to remember.  He played songs and we all sang and the kids danced and had a blast!  It was Logan's 5th birthday, and what a fun way to celebrate it with 71 of our favorite people.  We filled an entire car!

We bought engineer hats for all the kids and they looked darling in them!

So many happy faces.

The next day we met at Carissa's husband Tanner's grandparent's home for a pool party, and what a party it was!!!  We had so much a great time!

There was a hot tub, besides the pool, and Josh and Merijane brought their kids bounce house and blow up water slide.  We stayed alllllll day!

From the pool we headed to Ric and Kathy's church for a pasta bar and  a Family Slide show that Dick put together.  Each family sent 25 pictures and he combined them and made a 25 minute show.  Afterwards we watched the movie Coco.

Wednesday, the 4th of July, we met at the awesome new theater by our house.  These were my helpers delivering the popcorn to everyone!

We were able to get the entire theater that was full of recliner chairs so we could be super comfy!

At the end of the movie, my grandkids have a tradition to go down to the front and have a little dance party while the music and credits are showing.  The cousins were happy to join them!

From the theater, we went to the park by my house where AGAIN the pavilion was empty and waiting for us.  (We hadn't reserved any of them and were just hoping we wouldn't be sitting on the grass in the hot sun)  We had pulled pork sandwiches, chips, cole slaw, potato salad, watermelon, and lots of otter pops.  

After the park there was a little free time and some went home for naps, while others went Geo Cashing, (not sure if that's how you spell it or not.  Then we met at Lani's church where we had breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes, bacon, sausage, fruit and juice.  So Yummy!

After dinner, we had a talent show mingled with a remember me presentation.  Each family was assigned an ancestor that they did a little research on and shared what they learned about them.  
It was an incredible 3 days!  We are so blessed to be a member of this amazing family.  I LOVED spending time with them.  Everyone got along so well and had a wonderful time!!
Sure Love Ya!!!

Stacy took family pictures at the park that I will add when we get them back!