Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas at This Is The Place

For our final activity on our Salt Lake Connect Pass we went to This is the Place.

They had Santa

And lots of fun things to see and do. 

Sterling was in town for Mike's aunt Cory's funeral, so he came with us.

The kids made beeswax candles

They also helped make a garland to decorate one of the houses there.

It was a COLD but very fun night!

Sunday, December 3, 2017


The Light the World Campaign is in full swing again this year.  I am making it a goal to do something each day to Light the World.    We went to temple square and were able to buy 2 chickens for some family to fight global poverty.                          Day 1

Day 2
I was able to help decorate dads house, Grandma Cline's house and our church tree

Krista worked her magic on the church tree

Day 3
I taught my lesson in RS about gifts.  I focused on what gifts we have received from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and then showed the Light the World intro video and focused on what we can do to give gifts to them.  I made gingerbread cookies for all the sisters in our ward.

Day 5 Honor thy father and thy mother
I went to dad's house and helped him do his Christmas Cards.

Day 6 Judge not that ye be not judged
I baked some cinnamon rolls to take to some friends and had a couple of extra plates of them.  I saw these cute kids walking through our neighborhood and pulled over and told them I was trying to Light the world and wondered if they would help me by letting me share with them.  They were happy to help!

Day 7 Suffer the little children to come unto me
Sophie helped us tend Josh's kids.  Mike told them about St. Nicholas and how he filled the good kids shoes with treats.  

They put their shoes out and got treats in them.

Day 8 Love your enemies
I failed on this day, I couldn't think of anyone that was my enemy to do something nice for.
Day 9 Visit the sick
I made a plate of cookies and took to two sick neighbors

Day 10 Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life
I read an extra chapter in the Book of Mormon

Jordan's family visit's Utah

The day after we returned from Dallas, Jordan and his family came for a visit. Logan LOVES sprinkles! 

Parker is absolutely adorable, but CRAZY WILD!  We had to keep an eye on him every minute.  He was constantly wanting to redecorate my tree.  Jamie made him this shirt that is perfect for him!

We tended Jack while the kids were here and they loved playing in the sand with him.

We went to the park and this is how Jack rode home.

Sophie came and played with the boys.

We were able to go to Hailey's choir concert.  It was GREAT!

After playing hard it was time to watch a movie and cozy up.

We had a family dinner and Matt brought a fun game 

Katie ended up with whipped cream in the face!

Everyone had a fun time.

 We took a trip to temple square to see the lights.

Thanksgiving in Dallas

We had an early Thanksgiving dinner with our family and on Thanksgiving headed to Dallas.  We got there in time to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with Mark, Jayna and their sweet family.  Here's Mike and Mikey on the front porch of Mark and Jayna's tiny house.

We celebrated Corin and Eva's wedding in their hanger.

We made s'mores    

and had brisket and some sides, yummmm

Us with Mark and Jayna in front of their tiny house.

Mikey, Hannah, Caroline and Wes

The happy couple Corin and Eva

Stephanie, Andrew, Henry,Walter, Holland, Adalaide

Lyndi and Grandma Cline

It's so fun to have Robynn and Dick close by so we can visit them too.  Here they are modeling their early Christmas Presents.

Us and the Thiots

Skyler, Kara and Elinor

Pierce, Stacy, Adalaide, and Jackson

Penny, Keelie and Adalaide

Tatia and Baby Charlie

More Grandkids

Before we knew it, it was time to pack our bags and head for the airport.  What a fun trip!

Monday, November 13, 2017

2017 Primary Programs

Primary Programs are one of my favorite Sacrament meetings of the year, especially when its with our granddaughters!
Josh's Girls

Jamie's girls

Krista's Girls

Natural History Museum

Another one of our Salt Lake Connect Passes was to the Natural History Museum
Jamie and Emily were busy, and couldn't come, so we invited dad to come.

There were lots of cool things to see and we all had a great time

There were archaeologists there to teach us a little about how they CAREFULLY dig for bones.