Friday, September 22, 2017

September fun

Now that the kids have started school, Sophie comes with us on Wednesday to help tend Jack.

 They love to help make homemade mac and cheese for lunch.

Jamie and Emily went out to dinner, so they dropped their kids off to play with Josh's kids too!

They sure have fun together.

On Saturday, we went to the Park City Olympic Park to do the Adventure Course

Image result for olympic park adventure course

Mike and I opted to play with the little boys instead of climb the crazy adventure course.

These two!

Jamie and Family

Krista and girls

Josh and family

The boys had a good time playing on the playground right by the course 

We could watch the kids way up high

and the boys on the ground.

The adventure course ended with a fun zipline!!!

Dad's 89th birthday

Sept 16, my cute dad turned 89.  We had a birthday breakfast for him at Bear Park

The kids love when we have a pinata

Even dad enjoyed getting in on the fun!

Candy everywhere! 

Happy Birthday Dad

Monday, September 11, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

We had heard about the Solar Eclipse for months, and knew that you needed special glasses to get to view it, but had put off getting them until it was almost too late. 

Originally, they were selling for $1.00, but by the time we got them, we had to wait in line for a couple of hours and paid over $8 a pair for them.  (Supply and Demand at it's best)   They had Fox 13 news there, and we were on the news.

Wheeler Farm was having a big party to view it, so we went there. 
 Paula and Grandma Cline came too.

So did Merijane and her kids, Josh stopped by during his lunch hour.

Krista and her kids

It was very cool to see!

August fun

I have 2 nieces who are just starting out as teachers, Lauren, (Jen's daughter) and Tesa (Ric's daughter in law)  I found some fun ideas on Pintrest, to do them a teacher survival kit.

I put all the things in a wire garbage can and took them over to them.  
I hope they enjoy their first year of teaching,  there are some lucky kids in West Valley and Mapleton!

I hated to see summer come to an end.  We have enjoyed having the kids over to play.
They have painted

Beading projects


Played games

more games


Ridden wiggle cars to the park

 played at splash pads

did some sewing projects

 and just had a lot of fun!  Now it's back to school for most of them!

Monday, July 31, 2017

2017 Family Pictures

 One of my favorite parts of our Staycation, had to be our family pictures!


They turned out amazing!
13 tiny kids and they were soooo good for the pictures.
(I think it helped that we promised a campout in our backyard that night to anyone who smiled!)

Krista's family

Josh's family

Jamie's family

Jordan's family

Krista's girls

 Josh's kids

Jamie's kids

Jordan's boys

Our big girls

Our middle girls

Our little girls

And our Boys

We  LOVE our family!!!!

July was full of lots of family visitors.  Sterling and Carol Sue were in town.

Bonnie and Dennis stayed with us for a week.  

Jamie and Jordan were also here for a week.  

Stacy and Pierce were in town for a couple of days, and we got to have them over for dinner.
So fun to see everyone!

On July 5th, Carissa got married in the Payson Temple

All Ric and Kathy's kids were able to be in the temple for the wedding!
Such a BEAUTIFUL family!

Carissa, Tanner and all her siblings

We took up hike at Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

It was so beautiful!

 We spent the afternoon at Classic water park
The Bigs

 The Middles


The Littles

1/2 our boys

Spent a fun afternoon at Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum

Huge Legos!

We are really enjoying our summer!!!!