Saturday, March 10, 2018

Mike breaks his leg

On Feb. 28th, Mike took Sophie and Jack to the dollar store to get a treat.  On the way to the car, his walking stick slipped on some rock salt and he went down.  He ended up breaking his leg.

We took him to Instacare and they put this LONG splint on him which made it so he couldn't do anything!  It was awful!  Saturday morning, Josh and Jordan showed up and built a ramp.

in our garage

 so that he could get in and out of our house without having to crawl.

Krista brought over one of dad's wheelchairs and with the ramp, he could get around so much easier.

The next Tuesday, we finally got in to see the Dr.  He put him in  a short boot.  Hooray!!!!

 He can actually walk on it and get around much better.  Yay for the short boot!
Now on to a speedy recovery!

Dad's visits to the hospital

Dad had not been feeling very good and the end of January got a call from his doctor telling him that his white blood count was very low and he needed to go to the emergency room.  Kathy and Cierra had just gotten to his house for a visit and answered the phone call.  They took him to the hospital where he ended up staying for a few days.  They did some surgery to try to put some stints into his kidney, but it didn't work.

They sent him over to IMC and tried a different procedure that didn't work either.  They sent him home and said they would try again in a few weeks.  Robynn flew into town and spent time taking care of him

Dad is spending lots of time on the couch these days.

Before we knew it, he was back at IMC to try again and then another trip a few weeks later to finally get it the way they thought it should work, it hasn't yet, but we are hopeful that it will soon.

He's had lots of nice visitors at home. 

We are all learning to do lots more than we ever wanted to about home health care.

More visitors

Dad is spending most of his days taking lots of naps and is in lots of pain. He needs round the clock help and sweet Robynn flew in again to help out!  Sophie stopped by and let dad take a nap with one of her favorite kitties. 

More fun with the grandkids!

It is so fun having these former Arizona boys join our Utah Grandkids!

Even though it's still chilly outside, they love to be out in our back yard.

Tether ball is a favorite too!

Logan is always so helpful in the kitchen.

I hit Old Navy's clearance the other day and found some matching shirts for these cute boys.

On the Friday before Valentines, we invited the grandkids over so their parents could have a date night.  They made some fun valentine cards.

We had Jamie's kids over to play with Jordan's kids a few weeks ago.  They sure have fun together.

There was a Safety Fair in Sandy and a bunch of our grandkids went to that!

Hi Maui

Last weekend we went to the Clark planetarium with Josh and Jordan's kids

All our grandkids LOVE making things with Perler beads.  This was Logan's first project.

He made the cutest rainbow dolphin

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Off to Arizona to bring back our Arizona kids

In October, Jordan got told he and ton of others would be laid off their jobs with Intel.  Luckily, he still had a job until March, but he immediately started looking for anotherone.  He got an offer to work at the office in California, which would have been wonderful for them, since it was close to Jamie's parents, but housing costs are outrageous!  Lucky for us, he also got an offer from the Intel in Lehi, and prices are a little more affordable here, so after much praying, they decided to take the Utah job.  I flew down the end of January to bring the boys back with me on the plane.

While I was there, we got to go to their awesome Phoenix Zoo.

Parker was a great help getting things taken apart as you can imagine.

Logan loved helping tape the boxes for us.

They filled a 26 foot moving van and put one of their cars on a trailer behind it.  Jamie drove the van full of stuff (with a detour through Las Vegas to say hi to the Back Street Boys)
I'm so happy that they all made it safely here, and Jamie's sweet grandma is letting them live in her beautiful basemen apartment until their new house is built in the fall.

Babysitting fun!

We are still tending on Wednesdays and Sophie comes with us to help tend Jack and Gabbie.  

Libbie and Katie got a slime kit for Christmas and were having fun playing with it.

It was pretty awesome, what they could do with it.

Jack and Sohpie had fun jumping in the puddles at Walmart

Oliver came to help us tend the other day, They wanted to nap together, but they couldn't stop laughing, so we finally had to put them in separate rooms.

I tended Jamie's kids and Oliver helped me make the dough for pizza pockets.

Such a cute pile of kids watching a movie before bed.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas at This Is The Place

For our final activity on our Salt Lake Connect Pass we went to This is the Place.

They had Santa

And lots of fun things to see and do. 

Sterling was in town for Mike's aunt Cory's funeral, so he came with us.

The kids made beeswax candles

They also helped make a garland to decorate one of the houses there.

It was a COLD but very fun night!

Sunday, December 3, 2017


The Light the World Campaign is in full swing again this year.  I am making it a goal to do something each day to Light the World.    We went to temple square and were able to buy 2 chickens for some family to fight global poverty.                          Day 1

Day 2
I was able to help decorate dads house, Grandma Cline's house and our church tree

Krista worked her magic on the church tree

Day 3
I taught my lesson in RS about gifts.  I focused on what gifts we have received from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and then showed the Light the World intro video and focused on what we can do to give gifts to them.  I made gingerbread cookies for all the sisters in our ward.

Day 5 Honor thy father and thy mother
I went to dad's house and helped him do his Christmas Cards.

Day 6 Judge not that ye be not judged
I baked some cinnamon rolls to take to some friends and had a couple of extra plates of them.  I saw these cute kids walking through our neighborhood and pulled over and told them I was trying to Light the world and wondered if they would help me by letting me share with them.  They were happy to help!

Day 7 Suffer the little children to come unto me
Sophie helped us tend Josh's kids.  Mike told them about St. Nicholas and how he filled the good kids shoes with treats.  

They put their shoes out and got treats in them.

Day 8 Love your enemies
I failed on this day, I couldn't think of anyone that was my enemy to do something nice for.
Day 9 Visit the sick
I made a plate of cookies and took to two sick neighbors

These cute girls were sitting on the steps of our church, when I went over to decorate for our ward Christmas Party.  They helped "Light My World" by helping me.  I had some bags of oranges that I was giving away and gave them each a bag for being such great helpers!

Day 10 Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life
I read an extra chapter in the Book of Mormon
From here on out, I tried to do something each day, but not necessarily in order.
We donated $100 worth of gift cards and a case of food to the needy
Made a quilt to donate to the needy.
Tried to be a good example
Looked  for the good in everything.
Decorated a tree for several families in our ward and the ward Christmas tree.
Baked bread and cookies for lots of neighbors.

This was such a great year!  It was so much fun just thinking of little things I could do to 
Light the World!  
I will definitely be doing it next year.